Ricky Darnell Smith "The Freeze"

Ricky Darnell Smith "The Freeze"


Ricky D. Smith (was born March 25, 1960) is an American musician, songwriter, and producer. He was reared in a Christian home at an early age, where music became an inevitable part of his future. At the age of five, Ricky discovered his talent on drums, which later branched into other interests in piano, organ and bass guitar.

Ricky made his debut at a year old, where he began playing drums in the church alongside his mother who was a great pianist, organist, and choir director, which lead him also to play with Billy Preston for concerts in the church.

Ricky╩╝s Music Career began at the age of seventeen where he went on tour playing drums and keyboards for the pop singing group (The Sylvers). This thrilling experience ranged from Concert Halls, State Fairgrounds, to Stadiums filled with screaming fans that every aspiring musician dreams of. This connection with the group prompted extensive collaborations with Leon Sylvers for several albums he was producing. At that time he was asked to play keyboards for the SOLAR recording group, Dynasty. This is where Ricky began songwriting and producing records.

Ricky was introduced to Morris Day in 1985 and played keyboards on the Color of Success album. Morris and Ricky went to work putting together a band to tour with. Hitting the road to sold-out shows all over the country. Ricky and Morris also put together an all-girl band signed to Warner Bros. called The Day Z's. In 1989, Ricky, Morris, and Prince wrote the unreleased title song Corporate World for The Time. Every year they still hit the road as Morris Day and The Time!